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Euthasol Solution


    Buy Euthasol Euthanasia Solution For Injection

    Active ingredients pentobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium result in inhumane, painless, and rapid euthanasia.

    • Indicated for use in dogs to induce painless, humane, and rapid euthanasia resulting from cerebral death triggered by active ingredients pentobarbital sodium and phenytoin sodium.
    • Intravenous (IV) administration produces rapid anesthetic action and smooth, quick onset of unconsciousness.
    • Dosage is 1 mL per 10 lb of body weight.
    • IV administration is preferred. Intracardiac injection is also possible.
    • Available in 100 mL, and 250 mL multiple-dose vials.

    WARNING: For canine euthanasia only. Must not be used for therapeutic purposes. Do not use in animals intended for food

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