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Embutramide, a Component of Tanax(®) (T-61) as a New Drug of Abuse?
Tanax(®) (T-61) is a euthanasia solution commonly used in veterinary medicine in Europe. It consists of three active components:
embutramide, mebezonium iodide, and tetracaine hydrochloride. Human consumption of Tanax(®) (T-61) is usually associated with suicide attempts.
In our 15-year-long practice, embutramide was detected only three times but within a short period. First, it was found in the urine of a
42-year-old veterinarian, and the other two observations were made in a 16-year-old young man. Urine samples were analyzed using
Shimadzu Prominence TOX.I.S.II. HPLC-DAD system with online SPE extraction system. Both of the two patients denied any intention to die.
These cases show that this veterinary drug may also be considered as potential drugs of abuse.

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