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How to Get Nembutal

How to Get Nembutal Pentobarbital

I purchased this book because I have been exploring the options of assisted suicide, and with my extensive knowledge of ethical pharmaceuticals in the USA, this book offers hope for the here and now that Sodium Pentobarbital (that was taken off of the USA market in capsule form by Abbott Labs, after many decades of production, is still accessible) in “certain other countries, 4 in particular, worldwide, where it can be obtained, without too many hoops, (at present) if one wants to take action in procurement of this immediate release fast-acting sedative. I grew up during a time when Nembutal, Seconal, and Tuinal were easily accessible, but this has not been the case in the USA for approximately 35 years….in my humble opinion.

It is only available in ampules (vials) and stocked generally in major US hospitals, and if prescribed, usually is done so, “maybe for someone in Hospice care, and in very sparing amounts, and not for the purpose that the “Peaceful Pill Handbook” was written for. (the motive I interpreted about the Peaceful Pill Handbook, is for one to be able to decide for themself, just like one does in having a “living will” notarized, if one determines that they want to check out of a life of physical or severe psychological misery, in a peaceful, non-violent, but very effective way. The options I have seen that the choice of powerful sedatives in my lifetime, have been radically reduced since the 1960’s thru the middle 1980s. It is nearly impossible to get a medical doctor to prescribe a once common fast-acting barbiturate, today, and this has been the case for at least 19 to 20 years!!!

Only the capsule “Seconal” distributed formerly by Eli Lilly, but now manufactured by Marathon Pharmaceuticals make a similar drug to Sodium Pentobarbital (Nembutal) and I haven’t known anyone with an Rx or seen one of the pills since the middle 1970s. This book gives very detailed information about where to obtain this medication, from veterinary drug sources in some foreign countries, and also offers other medication, and other chemicals and that can be used if one chooses to end their life, and, I am glad I purchased the book with a clear mind, without any immediate pressure, to know about alternative options, especially in foreign countries. My biggest fear is that the doors may be shut soon on a very effective barbiturate, (pentobarbital) worldwide, possibly within a few years, (just my personal opinion). I have seen other effective ethical pharmaceuticals become banned in the USA, and the stigma spreads, and medicine can be truly eliminated worldwide, including the chemical precursors to make the substance, once a stigma is attached to an effective, but “abusable medication“.

I know of two very effective medications that were banned in 1984, in the USA, and it was finally banned worldwide in 2006 in Switzerland, the last country to offer a similarly powerful, peaceful sedative-hypnotic. (methaqualone) and another example is Glutethimide, which was removed from the USA market in 1992, and was finally removed from the last 2 Eastern European countries only in 2006. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to have some hope that in 2010 all hope is not lost, to seek out certain meds that are really gradually headed for extinction. This book also removes some uneasy guilty feelings I had in my subconscious mind about making a decision to ends one’s life peacefully, rather suffer in advanced old age, and to be a burden to one’s self and to others!

I just hope the options remain in the countries that are identified in this book to obtain Nembutal (Sodium Pentobarbital liquid) and interference from Law Enforcement does not close another door to a right I believe everyone should have about living or dying.

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