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Peaceful Pill Handbook – Euthanasia Book

Peaceful Pill

The Peaceful Pill Handbook The Peaceful Pill Handbook is a book setting out information on assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia. It was originally published in the U.S in 2006. And was written by the Australian doctors Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart. In 2008 the online handbook was launched. Called The Peaceful Pill Handbook, it contains […]

Euthanasia Device


Euthanasia Devices A euthanasia device is a machine engineered to allow an individual to die quickly with minimal pain. The most common devices are those designed to help terminally ill people die by voluntary euthanasia or assisted suicide without prolonged pain. They may be operated by a second party, such as a physician, or by […]

Nembutal Sale for Life Care

Nembutal Sale

Nembutal Sale for Life Care The EXIT UNIT Nembutal Shop offers Nembutal sale online worldwide. In recent discussions about legalising euthanasia, the drug best known under its American brand name Nembutal Sodium has been widely promoted by advocates as a convenient and effective method for people who wish to end their lives. Despite the limited […]

Suicide Drugs – The Dangerous Drugs

Suicide Drugs

Suicide Drugs Suicidal schoolchildren are being offered a Death Row drug or suicide drugs for £220. And website ghouls are preying on their vulnerability with a sickening half-price discount for ‘0 to 19-year-olds’ on killer Nembutal, which is used to execute prisoners in the US. One promotion even features a “lethal dose calculator” based on […]

How to Get Nembutal – Nembutal Search

How to Get Nembutal

How to Get Nembutal Pentobarbital I purchased this book because I have been exploring the options of assisted suicide, and with my extensive knowledge of ethical pharmaceuticals in the USA, this book offers hope for the here and now that Sodium Pentobarbital (that was taken off of the USA market in capsule form by Abbott […]

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